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1 ETH = 15 000 IMB

ICO ENDED! With your help, we almost reached the hard cap! Thank you for your participation!

Imbrication is an open-source protocol for verification services on the Ethereum network.

Imbrication is a blockchain startup focused on secure product verification and counterfeit protection. Our technology aims to help brands improve customer engagement, prevent counterfeiting, prove provenance and track products throughout its lifecycle.
Join us, and protect yourself from forgery!

A digital passport for your products

Create an individual, immutable record of the data and identity of your products on the blockchain. These records can be used to accurately identify products around the world.

Track product authenticity individually

Each product can be recorded and tracked with a unique identifier. Consumers are able to read the history of each product they purchase.


What We Offer


An operational token, is the engine that powers the protocol. The IMB token is required to generate unique signatures and contextual data on the protocol. Any application that builds on top of the Imbrication protocol requires the user to spend IMB tokens, which are received by the owner of the application as a fee for their verification services.


The protocol is the base layer of the Imbrication ecosystem. It can be used to build application level verification services and can be integrated with any existing e-commerce stores, applications or services.

Open-source frameworks

Open source frameworks will be provided to developers to ensure the developer experience is user friendly. Developers can opt to use utilize these frameworks within their commercial verification applications to reduce the need to interact directly with the smart contracts.

Online Product Verification

The Imbracation Protocol enables e-commerce retailers to verify the authenticity of any products or services they sell online. Also can be used to verify that digital goods and services are issued from a legitimate source. An example would be digital certificates from online courses, colleges or universities.

Token + ICO

Token Imbrication
Token Ticker IMB
Token Type ERC20
Total Token Issued 100 000 000
Investors 60 000 000
Developers, partners 5 000 000
Reserve 35 000 000
Token for ICO 60 000 000
Main sale 10.07.2018 - 17.07.2018


Our timeline

• Identifying project needs, recruiting a team

• Project team building

• Market research

• Concept created

• Website development

• Release the first iteration of the Imbrication protocol

• Preparations for an ICO launch

• IMB Token creation

• Token sale launch

• Market Opportunities; PR campaign

• Exchange listing

• Third party integrations

• Trial software with prexisting and new partnerships.

• Release v1.0 of the Imbrication Protocol

• Expand into more partnerships and assist with the development of verification applications for specific markets

• Launching of full-service

• Third party integrations